Try it!

Discover Celestial Dynamics

Discover the celestial dance of the sun right at your fingertips with Navigator’s Sextant’s interactive “Try it!” page. Embedded seamlessly on this page, invites you to explore the sun’s position, its trajectory across the sky, and the mesmerising twilight transitions based on your location.

Unveiling Navigator’s Sextant API

Navigator’s Sextant is a pioneering API that provides precise solar and astronomical data essential for various applications, from augmented reality apps, navigational tools, to geographical information systems. The “Try it!” page is a gateway to experience the API’s capabilities in real-time, offering a user-friendly interface to interact with and visualize the sun’s movement.

Interactive Solar Visualization

As you glide the slider or pan across the map, watch the sun glide along its path, casting its golden rays across the virtual sky. Dive into the details by observing the sun’s azimuth and elevation change as you navigate through different times and locations. The dynamic sun icon and the color transitions provide a vivid representation of the sun’s elevation, indicating the transition from day to night.

Seamless User Experience

Whether you are a developer, a geographer, or an astronomy enthusiast, the “Try it!” page offers a glimpse into the endless possibilities that Navigator’s Sextant API unlocks.

Embark on a Solar Exploration

Harness the power of precise solar positioning data with Navigator’s Sextant. The “Try it!” page is not just a demonstration but an invitation to explore the cosmos, understand the sun’s movement, and envision how our API can empower your projects. Step into a world where the sun’s position is more than just a data point, but a journey across the sky waiting to be explored.